Dolomitic Limestone setts (VAT inc) per m²

Dolomitic limestone is a stunning natural stone with a unique texture. The stone goes through a complex process of Dolotimitization, which occurs when calcite is modified by magnesium-rich groundwaters. As a result dolomites (dolomitic limestones) amaze with their breathtaking texture. 


The natural stone is strong and has coarse texture on the top and bottom, which is perfect for driveways, garden paths and patio borders. 


This is a perfect stone to stand out among your neighbours. 


Please be aware that each natural stone sett has its own unique texture. The color, the veigns and patterns will vary. 


Dolomitic Limestone setts (VAT inc) per m²

  • Colour Size, m Units per sq m Weight per unit, kg Weight per sq m, kg
    Mixed colour (White and Black) 0.06x0.06x0.06 277 0.6 169